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Bay Rum Shaving Soap

Our West Indian Bay Rum Gold Shave Bar lathers richly, softening and smoothing stubble and skin with a spicy, warming, pampering scent that has been a favorite for hundreds of years. A whisper of blood orange, wafting sweet citrus and followed by the smallest floral back note at once revitalizes and calms. This is a shave bar complement to our Bay Rum bar soap. Both formulas use Jojoba oil to penetrate and nourish the skin, restoring lost luster. Generous amounts of French yellow and Rhassoul clays form a slick, protective gel that raises beards and floats blades. We've received excellent feedback on this formulation and trust it will be your secret to the closest of shaves for irresistibly touchable skin. Enjoy!

Saponified oils of rice Oryza saliva, olive Olea europaea, palm Elaeis guineensis and soy Glycine max with Rhassoul Morocco and French yellow clays in jojoba oil Simmondsia chinensis USA and essential oils of bay Pimenta racemosa West Indies and blood orange Citrus sinensis USA.

Jojoba Oil

  • Fatty acid profile almost identical to human skin, easily absorbed, rich in vitamin E, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant
  • Number one blending oil, provides an excellent delivery system for essential oils that are then more easily absorbed and made readily available for their therapeutic effects on the mind, body and soul
  • Creates a barrier that protects skins against the elements, ideal for any imbalance in the skin like psoriasis or eczema

Rhassoul Clay

  • Mined from the fertile Atlas Mountains of Morocco for over 12 centuries, rich in magnesium, silica, potassium, calcium, impressive properties in skin improvement, high levels of ion exchange and capacity for absorption, detoxifying, toning, rejuvenation
  • Reduces dryness, redness, improves skin clarity, elasticity

French Yellow Clay

  • Healing clays are comprised mostly of negative ions that work like magnets. Toxins and heavy metals in the body are made of positive ions. Clay works like a magnet that bonds to toxins and helps to eliminate them from the body
  • Treats poisoning, alkaline, bruises, bee stings, bug bites, burns, cuts, scraps, headache, allergic reactions, fatigue, stomach ache, indigestion, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, reverses digestive distress, sinus infection and many other ailments related to toxin buildup in the body’s organs
  • Balances pH, used traditionally in skin and hair care products alike
  • Makes an excellent anti-itch cream, tightens, tones skin, detoxifies, natural deodorant for sensitive skin
  • Re-mineralizes teeth

Essential Oil of Bay

  • Common in hair products and scalp tonics, promotes hair growth 
  • Stimulating, uplifting, treats colds and flu, tonsillitis and viral infections
  • Heals sprains and strains, treats joint pain, muscle aches, arthritis, headache
  • Insect repellent

Essential Oil of Blood Orange

  • Revives wrinkled and dull skin, antiseptic, disinfecting
  • Nerve sedative, calming, alleviates emotional worry, insomnia, depression, nervous tension, stress, gives courage
  • Treats obesity, water retention, gas, constipation, kidney, gallbladder ailments, colds, flu, aids digestion


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