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Holy Basil Hemp

Minimum Quantity 3

4.5 ounces

Each individually wrapped soap comes with a custom aromatherapy insert detailing the therapeutic benefits of every ingredient.

Ultra moisturizing sammysoaps are richly conditioning and skin softening. Soaps are small batch, vegan, and made by hand without fragrances or synthetic ingredients in St. Louis, Missouri.

sammysoap is creating jobs for adults with intellectual disabilities. We are not a not-for-profit, on purpose. We provide gainful employment by managing to the strengths of our employees to create the best soap around. Our mission is noted on every gift box. We exist in support of human health, a clean planet, and disability wage equality. Buy differently. Change Lives. #bthechange

Clean and inviting, this deeply healing soap soothes and warms skin while grounding your body and opening your heart. Fresh green chords, at once woody, nutty, dry and spicy, hold a hint of fruit in a sophisticated blend popular with young and old, male and female. Super emollient hemp makes it extra good for your skin.

Saponified food grade oils of rice Oryza sativa, palm Elaesis guineensis, soy Glycine max and castor bean Ricinus communes, with essential oil of basil Ocimum basilicum L Nepal, hemp seed oil Cannaabis saliva Canada, essential oil of balsam fir needle Abies balsam Canadaorganic whole ground holy basil leaves Ocimum tenuiflorum India, essential oil of nutmeg Myristica fragrans Indonesia, essential oil of vetiver Vetivera zizaniodes Haiti, and essential oil of black pepper Piper nigrum India.

Essential Oil of Basil

  • In Greek, basil means "royal remedy" or "king"
  • In the 16th century, powdered basil was used to treat migraines and chest infections
  • Ancient Egyptians believed basil opened the gates of heaven; the Eastern Orthodox Church used basil in the making of holy water; Hindus use basil sprigs in death and dying ceremonies
  • Contains vitamins K, A, and C, manganese, copper, calcium, iron, folate, magnesium and omega-3 fats
  • Benefits include compassion, faith and clarity
  • Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial; used to boost the immune system and regenerate tissue
  • May inhibit cancer, protect cells from damage, or prevent DNA damage before it starts occurring
  • Commonly used to soothe, uplift, repel insects, and battle fatigue, anxiety, depression, colds, flu, hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, muscle aches, insect bites and stings, diabetes and heart disease

Hemp Seed Oil

  • Considered one of the most nutritional oils available; absorbs well into skin
  • Benefits eczema, acne, psoriasis, premature aging, skin elasticity, and hair manageability and shine; super hydrating and anti-inflammatory
  • Healthy skin contains natural lipids called ceramides which keep the skin moisturized; insufficient ceramide levels cause dryness and irritation, rendering skin more malleable to environmental damage and aging. Hemp seed oil is 80% essential fatty acids, higher than any other plant on Earth, and the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 so closely matches skin lipids that hemp actually penetrates the cells and lubricates the surface between them. No other oil can do this.
  • Exceptionally rich in amino acids and proteins, omega 3, 6, and 9, and vitamins A, C, E, and D; contains less than 10% saturated fats, 70-80% polyunsaturated fatty acids and high levels of chlorophyll
  • Provides the body with complete protein and nutrition with all essential amino acids necessary for health and wellness; does not contain Delta-9-Tetrahydromcannabinol (THC)

    Essential Oil of Balsam Fir

    • Elevating; smells like Christmas
    • Thought to have grounding effect on mind and emotions
    • Soothes nervous system, benefits entire respiratory system, and sometimes used to help bronchitis, asthma, antispasmodic and stomach cramping

    Organic Whole Ground Holy Basil Leaves

    • Used for centuries as an anti-anxiety medication and for headaches and depression
    • Rich in vitamin A; benefits ringworm, insect stings and bites, dental health and bad breath
    • Used by naturopaths in the treatment of leucoderma
    • Thought to help cough, cold, flu, sore throat, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, kidneys, cholesterol and cardiac disease

        Essential Oil of Nutmeg

        • Strong psycho and digestive stimulant; alleviates mental fatigue
        • Circulatory sedative, analgesic for pain, and neurotonic
        • Benefits bacterial infections, sore joints, arthritis, gout, asthma, muscular aches, pains, circulation and rheumatism
        • Said to help indigestion, nausea and flatulence
        • Thought to benefit frigidity, impotence, neuralgia and nervous fatigue

          Essential Oil of Vetiver

          • The “Vetiver System” is an ecological solution for erosion control in over 100 island countries; growing vetiver is good for the environment
          • It’s the primary ingredient in 36% of high-end perfumes in the western world, including Chanel No. 5 and Opium
          • Promotes cell regeneration, oxygenation, and soft skin
          • Properties benefit circulation, red blood cells, skin hydration, the detoxification of connective tissue, and the epidermis through capillary stimulation
          • Antispasmodic, pancreas stimulant, and used to ease off tranquilizers
          • Used to help acne, pains, sprains, stiffness, cuts, irritated wounds, impotence, frigidity, post-partum depression, insomnia, physical and mental exhaustion, depression, arthritis, depressed immune systems and liver congestion
          • Thought to promote a balanced central nervous system, ground to earth, stimulate vitality, clean aura and strengthen auric shield

            Essential Oil of Black Pepper

            • Used on chilblains, a painful, itching swelling on the skin, typically on a hand or foot, and caused by poor circulation in the skin when exposed to cold
            • Considered an immune booster
            • Benefits aches, pains, neuralgia, circulation, muscle tone, rheumatic pain, stiffness, sprains, diarrhea, flatulence, constipation, heartburn, nausea, colds, flu, and viruses

            Base Oils

            • Our food-grade vegetable base oils were chosen for therapeutic value and characteristics indispensable in the highest quality bar soap. The oils are all excellent skin conditioners. Learn more at Skincare Ingredients & Benefits,

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